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Saturn Supplements Inc. c/o Vitalabs Inc. (Family Company)

1451 Hwy. 20 West  McDonough, Georgia 30253  (Just South of Atlanta!)

Phone:  770.478.0006    Toll Free:  1.800.241.3017    Fax:  770.478.7373


For Global Distribution & Private Label Inquiries, please contact us at:  

Phone: 770.478.0006
Fax: 770.478.7373


Fitness Connection Japan  Website: Email:

Phone: (03) 3614 - 4310 


China & Hong Kong Exclusive Distributor

Bodybuilding Connection
Phone: (852)21872660

Authorized Agents for Hong Kong & China:

Bodybuilding Connection
Power of Life

Bulgaria Distributor

Sport Zona BG Ltd.

Website:     E-mail:


Uruguay Distributor    

Website:  Email: Phone:  (0598)96770544

Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, U.A.E. & Saudi Arabia Distributor
York Nutrition 
23 Al-Jazeera Street
Feriq Bin Mahmoud
Doha - Qatar
Phone: (974)44427983


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Amino Pump 50000Amino Pump 50000Ultra-Concentrated Building Blocks Powder FormView More Info »
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